Maintain Your CBDM Credential

Continuing Education Requirements for Recertification. At a glance.

CBDM CE Req.png

Maintain your CDM and CFPP credentialing.
Total 45 CE required for recertification. S
ubject area requirements are indicated in this graphic.

Completion of continuing education requirements for recertification due date occurs every 3 years on May 31. The specific year for your recertification is determined by CBDM. Contact them for additional information.

It's easy to complete your CE for recertification with Dietary Manager 360.

  • General CE: All our courses are categorized as "online courses", which means that you can fulfill ALL 35 CE with our courses. Browse A to Z courses here.

  • Sanitation CE: Complete your 9 CE requirement. One course. Done. View here.

  • Ethics CE: Complete your 1 CE requirement FREE. Link to our Do It Free! course, "Code of Ethics: Do It Right" here.

...and do it with confidence. All Dietary Manager 360 courses are CBDM Prior Approved and are accepted for continuing education as part of the recertification process. View more about the recertification process at the CBDM website here.